I-77 detour in this small West Virginia town is creating massive traffic

PRINCETON, W.Va — UPDATED: Standstill traffic will start around 9:00am tomorrow, May 17th.

A major project on Interstate 77 that will start tomorrow is mobilizing first-responders and drawing the ire of some residents.



A Princeton resident said at peak times the number could reach 7,000 a day.


Since the construction began, there have been 2 guardrails completely wiped out by tractor trailers as they make the turn to get back on I-77. Roads have been blocked by police next to Chili’s restaurant in Princeton to help speed up the traffic that at times is backed up for 10 miles.

Construction will continue through November, so it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.



  1. This”small town”, Rocky Gap. Va, would love to know WHO is going to keep traffic flowing in our small town, WHO is going to ensure BIG trucks will NOT try to CRAWL up East River Mountain only to get stuck sideways in the mountains curvy road for hours, WHO will be responsible for stopping traffic for the local folks who live here to get out of their driveways or even their roads where they live only to fight hours long traffic waits to go the grocery store, a doctors appointment or even to visit family members who live only 9 miles northbound on I77, or to take their elderly mothers to numerous doctor visits or even to go to Supply Feed stores for animal feed? I suppose should we be fortunate enought to actually exit our driveways we could travel to Wytheville Va for our needs, however most of the residents of this area are retired or disabled and find funds may not be readily accessible for the extra fuel , oh and not to mention the cost of the fuel increases we have seen the past few months? Maybe the traffic control companies around the areas could start and continue traffic control this entire time of delays? But wait who would incur the cost of this? Traffic control would need to start in either Roanoke county or Montgomery counties and continue for 6months or more? Would it be the citizens of “these small towns” and a rise in taxes etc.? Way to many unanswered questions for this “small town person” with heart and health issues, spouse with the same health issues and very active grandchildren who at times can be accident prone , so one last question or thought for these problems… WHO is going to insure that ambulances, fire fighters or local police are going to be able to take care all these “small town” needs on the Virginia side of the tunnel..?? Way too many unanswered questions to make all of us feel safe and secure in OUR “SMALL TOWNS”..

    1. Great questions! Hope someone can come up with great answers! Best wishes to the “small towners!!

  2. Also, who cares about the turnpike toll fees! The traffic backup is much more concerning than the toll fees! They should be waved due to this project anyway. I’m certain another method of diversion could have been figured out instead of this nightmare!

  3. This “small town” resident has not been able to get my so-called state maintained road to my home grated and ditched for over five years. All 0.14 mile of it. But they can do all this to wreak havoc with other ppls situations?!? I was told that the reason I had to wait in line is because they are ten employees short of what they used to have. For FIVE or more YEARS?!? SERIOUSLY?

  4. Like it says…. Par For the Course around WV!! The more inconvenient for the already disappearing citizens, the better!!

  5. I will be attending Bluefield college In Bluefield,Va. I’m not familiar with this area… will this affect me driving up coming from 81 north to traveling to school this fall?

  6. Sometime between mid July and August I’ll be traveling on westbound 460 and turning north onto I-77 through Charleston and back through the same area the following week. What will the traffic be like during this construction?

  7. Did I miss something? The title said small town in WV expecting standstill traffic for 6 months. I didn’t read anything about that in the article. What small town and why?

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