Drake has the entertainment industry, world by the balls

Drake is incredibly diverse and hits a wide market of music. Dominates R&B and Rap! When listening to the newest project from Drake, “Scorpion”, you get a mix. That slow Drake mixed in with a melodic touch of Drake’s singing voice. That’s the best Drake and there’s no arguing that. This album is being streamed 10 million times an hour and will reach double platinum with ease. That’s fucking insane. He brings Michael Jackson back from the dead on this track and also features Jay-Z. Star studded track list is certainly an understatement!

Drake S

Drake has the entertainment industry by the balls. He has the world by the balls. He controls it with his extensively clean background of an artist who makes major moves and is known for being a game changer. Drake once said his dad, who follows me on Twitter, told him if he were ever going to change the game that he would have to sing and rap. My goodness look what he’s done. Daddy Dennis knows best. He has nothing to hide but everything to protect. Drake has a kid and the baby momma won’t allow him to see the kid. Whether it be a boy or girl, that remains unknown. I like the idea of keeping your child away from the worldwide spotlight. You’re Drake. The most famous person on planet earth. His kid would be the second most famous person on earth if the world actually knew who he/she is.

That whole Pusha-T diss is so irrelevantly embarrassing and Drake knew that from the jump. Know why? BECAUSE HE HAS THE WORLD BY THE BALLS AND TAINT! Pusha-T can NOT step to the goat. Not possible. Shitty rappers like Pusha-T attack Drake to add more numbers to their already failing music and dying fanbase. There are those who truly dislike Drake and will side with whatever bum ass rapper calls him out. Those are the biggest losers on earth. Really. If you’re one of those guys and you’re reading this, do us all a favor and off yourself or jump on the Drake Train. No other options are being given at this current moment in time.

If you haven’t listened to “Scorpion”, you can now on iTunes:

Take it from me, the best 4 songs on the album are as follows:

1.) Emotionless: Hands down, not even a debate. This track is gold. He admits to having a kid in this track. He also tells us things that are on regular persons mind daily. Drake absolutely dunks all over people with fake beliefs and their fake tendencies in life. “I know a girl whose one goal was to visit Rome, then she finally got to Rome and all she did was post picture for people at home because all that mattered was impressing everybody she’s known” and “I know a girl who saves pictures from places she flown to post later and make it look like she’s still on the go”. Tell me you don’t know a girl like that! Go listen! #Fire

2.) Don’t Matter To Me ft. Michael Jackson: Yep. You read that right. Michael. Fucking. Jackson. In a song with deep substance, hearing Michael Jackson on the chorus is so damn melodic. Lots of piano on this album, bringing back memories from “Nothing Was The Same”, which I rank as Drake’s third best album of his career.

3.) Elevate: Drake reminds us that he’s a paper chaser in this track. Pretty much dunking on all of us, sadly. “I stay busy making money”. Yes, we know this Drake. You don’t have to remind us. With the “God’s Plan” video where you gave away $1 million dollars pretty much convinced all of us that you, may in fact, have a shit load of money.

4.) After Dark: Pretty simplistic message in this song. Girls not understanding the message. After dark is when we are linking up boo, because I don’t want to spend my daylight with you. I want a night cap. Easy piece slide through!


I know the hype gets unbelievable sometimes whenever Drake drops a song or album, but this shit is worth it. This is the best Drake album of all time.


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