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Khabib Murders McGregor (VIDEO)

Holy hell. What a scene. What a fight? Meh. Khabib controlled it the entire length until the tap out from Irish guy.

That was vintage entertainment. Something we may never see again in UFC. Just unreal. The way the fight was decided. The hype around it. The major ass beating McGregor took. Just…UGH. I’m falling in love with these lunatics that love beating the blood out of each other. ENTERTAINMENT!

But, I gotta tell ya. The UFC went plum WWE tonight. This shit HAS to be scripted. It’s just like your favorite soap opera or sitcom. Or even your favorite NFL team on a Sunday afternoon. This shit is rigged to the gills for NUMBERS! Stats only.

How does that chaos ensue at the end? Just, how? FOR NUMBERS!

Khabib is the bad boy in the UFC now. Take some time gettin’ used to it.




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