I Said It: WVU loses to Iowa State on Saturday

If you’re a West Virginia fan and have zero worries about Saturday’s matchup with the Cyclones of Iowa State, let me feed you some worry.

I’ve watched West Virginia play every game so far in 2018. I don’t think this is something you will disagree with:

I have seen more regression than I have progression from the defensive side of the football for West Virginia. The defense is becoming more and more dependable on the arm of Will Grier, which also has taken a step down after a horrendous performance against the mighty Kansas Jayhawks. A game where he should’ve easily thrown for at least 500 yards and 6 touchdowns, but 28-41, 332 YDS, 4 TD, 3 INT, 1 FUM (lost) was the outcome. Not good at all and secured the Heisman trophy for Alabama’s flyin’ Hawaiian Tua Tagavailoa.

I told some of my friends last Friday night to not be surprised if Kansas has you feeling a little uncomfortable going into the 4th quarter. I was right. I’m always right. Never wrong.

Two weeks ago with a 35-17 lead over the Red Raiders in Lubbock going into the fourth quarter, as I watched that defense allow 17 points while Grier and the offense sat on the lead and depended on a pick six to pull away, I am now solely convinced that this West Virginia defense is going to get themselves in a hole when a real offense attacks them. When you become dependable and reliable on one thing in a team game, you’re done. Absolutely done. Finished. You’re dead. Coffin. In the ground. After allowing Texas Tech to amass 463 yards of offense and watching KANSAS put up 286 yards of offense, only down 21-14 going into the fourth quarter with momentum, I’ve seen enough. Teams show you who they are by Week 6.

What is West Virginia? 

West Virginia, through 5 games, have shown me that if Will Grier wasn’t their quarterback, they would already be headed for the Bad Boy Mowers Gaspirilla Bowl.


The defense is simply way too dependent. The defense gives up a lot of third and mediums. They look very tired, as the Mountaineer offense either scores immediately or they go three and out. Very few long, sustained drives from the Mountaineer offense. So the defense is on the field almost every time you turn around. That defense should be tired and they show it with body language. Pay attention to the little things like body language on Saturday in Ames, Iowa where the Cyclones beat the Mountaineers and make all of the fans cry.

ESPN’s FPI (Football Power Index) projects the Mountaineers to lose three of the last four, with the only win coming at home against TCU.

ESPN’s Playoff Predictor also says if West Virginia finishes as a one-loss Big 12 champ, with its only loss coming to Oklahoma in the regular-season finale, its playoff chances would be just a whopping 43.5 percent.

The harsh truth for West Virginia, and anybody else that gets in that dreaded scenario, is Notre Dame. The Irish are most likely going to finish undefeated and an undefeated record would definitely guarantee a playoff spot over a one-loss Big 12 champion.

The Cyclones will be ready to end all of this speculation, and they will. Iowa State is a 6.5 point underdog at home. At night. Just no way WVU squeaks out another fourth quarter earned victory. Not at Iowa State, who has only beaten WVU once since the Mountaineers  joined the Big 12. Last season Big 12 Coach of the Year Matt Campbell, who I believe is one of the best younger coaches in all of college football, took his Cyclone bad boys into Morgantown and nearly upset the Eers, but fell short 20-16.


Iowa State 30 West Virginia 28

I know we will win this one, but here are the others. Cash out and get rich, you moron.


Miami (-6) @ UVA 

Take it. Ask questions later.

Virginia Tech (-7) @ UNC

Take it. Ask questions later.

Tennessee (+15) @ Auburn


Georgia @ LSU (+6)


Florida (-7) @ Vandy

Take. It. Don’t be dumb!

Texas A&M (-2) @ South Carolina

Have fun getting rich!

“It’s not gambling if you know you’re gonna win.”


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