Source: Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy ‘despise’ each other

After watching Leahy’s new show “Fair Game” that airs on FS1, I had to text one of my friends that I talk to regularly that lives in Los Angeles.

We talked about the disappointing USC Trojans and the piss poor job Chip Kelly is doing at UCLA. We talked Lakers, LeBron and Hollywood. Of course, we talked sports and entertainment. Like most men do.

Then, I asked my friend if he watched the new show “Fair Game” on FS1 hosted by Kristine Leahy. He did. We both watched it, and we both had the same feeling. It made us take steps backwards to the last time we watched Leahy on television.

While being the occasional “chime-in” hottie with a body on Colin Cowherd’s “The Herd”, we noticed two completely different characters. If you have listened to Cowherd, you know how brutally honest and straight forward his opinions are. It’s sports talk radio/TV, you’re supposed to tell your opinions and stand by them. But, somehow that bothered a sensitive Leahy.

“After the Lavar Ball interview, she was extremely upset with Cowherd and how he responded to Lavar’s disrespectful behavior towards her. Kristine did not show up for work for an entire week after all of that. She hasn’t talked to Cowherd since her last show on The Herd in late April. They despise each other.” – Source The Course

It’s hard to imagine a painfully honest guy like Cowherd not getting along with a hot blonde. That’s the true tragedy here. Honest men shouldn’t be looked down on because of truthful statements that they make about sports and the occasional sharing of life advice. It’s the business they work in. That’s how it works. Leave your feelings at the door when you come to work.

Clearly, Kristine Leahy doesn’t understand that.

That’s why people listen to Colin. He doesn’t just share his opinion on sports, he shares life advice. He’s the closest thing to Howard Stern that you can find. A radio legend. Colin Cowherd has just three things that he has to do to keep his show a major hit:

  1. Trigger the die-hard fans with harsh opinions on their favorite teams
  2. Share the unpopular opinion and stand behind it with conviction
  3. Have a smoking hot co-host

Joy Taylor is not Kristine Leahy when it comes to looks. We get that, but Joy is always in a good mood and she’s yet to be triggered and felt victimized by a guest on the show. She has a sense of humor and definitely isn’t as dry as Leahy. Joy understands how that business works.

As you can see in the clip below, “Fair Game” is going to be an absolute playground for Social Justice Warriors and #MeToo supporters.

Fox Sports is taking the ESPN turn. Allowing Lefty Leahy to host her own show is an atrocity to sports television. Don’t expect the show to last long, though.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if the show doesn’t make it through the month of November.”

I have to agree. This new show looks silly and has no business being aired on Fox Sports. Unless these episodes change, this is going to be a disaster for Leahy.





  1. The show is horrible. While she’s hot, her feminist views, while sporting 6” heels and 3” skirts, ring hollow. No one watching FS1 cares about this crap. She’s vapid and most of her thoughts are unoriginal and lack any substance. Face it, she got a shot at this show because she’s hot. That’s it. There’s nothing behind the curtain. What a miss by Fox.

  2. i am a leahy when she was on the herd but this show is not what care to watch at 5.30. back to watching pti on espn

    why not put gottlieb show on at 3 to 5 then whitlock and boys at 5 i would then be an all day viewer of fs1

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