The Carousel: Ranking The Best and Worst Hires Of 2018

That ole carousel goes ’round and ’round.

Some get lost, some get found.

I’m going to enlighten you on the three best, and the three worst coaching hires of 2018. Let’s roll.

UCLA Head Coach Chip Kelly being a loser

Quick read. No paragraphs tonight. You’ve been watching the same stuff I have.

No rocket science project here at Par The Course on this Sunday.

I love College Football as much as you do. In fact, maybe I love it a little more. I actually adore it. I breathe it. It breaks my heart and makes me the happiest living being on this earth at certain times. There are many ups and downs, many emotion swings. It’s happy one second, nervous the next.

A rollercoaster, if you will.

The carousel that started spinning this time last year in College Football created a lot of change at big programs all over the country. So many changes that it’s actually hard to keep up with all of them.

From the SEC, to the Big 10, PAC 12 and the ACC, plenty of big programs have gotten rid of old and made room for new.



1.) Dan Mullen is the best coaching hire of 2018


Dan Mullen was a coach that many felt was highly overrated at Mississippi State before he took the Florida job. Mid-of-the-pack kind of coach. 8-4, 9-3 if you’re lucky.

Tough loss to a good Georgia football team on Saturday, but the Gators win out with ease. A massive turnaround from last season.

This time last year, I was praying for Chip Kelly over Dan Mullen. Be careful what you wish for.

2.) Herm Edwards – Arizona State

I loved it when I heard it. Herm Edwards. A man who was just too much of a football coach to be a TV guy. Too much fire, passion. Too much of that, “I wanna teach you something” mentality.

Signature wins over Michigan State and USC. First year. 4-4. Going bowling. First year. Hasn’t been a coach in decades. Coaching College Football for the FIRST TIME.

FIRST YEAR! Players playing for the Herm! Look out PAC 12 in 2019!



3.) Jimbo Fisher – Texas A&M


Jimbo lost on Saturday. Big deal. Road game. 9-3 regular season finish and win in the bowl game gives Jimbo Fisher the 10 win Aggie SZN. Have been competitive in every performance. PLAYERS PLAYING FOR JIMBO!


Chip Kelly being a loser
Chip Kelly being a loser

1.) Chip Kelly – UCLA

I stated earlier that I was hoping for Chip Kelly to come to the SEC and bring an offensive powerhouse into the conference that mostly boasts great defenses with decent offense. Well, ole Chip off the block is off to a 2-6 start at UCLA with losses to Cincinnati, Fresno State, Oklahoma, Colorado, Washington and Utah. Two wins have come over Arizona and  California.

I do expect Kelly to have success in Los Angeles in the long run, but this year has been a major letdown. Offense can’t score. Defense can’t stop a nosebleed. It’s just a mess.


2.) Willie Taggart – Florida State

Bad Boy Willie Taggart cheesing for the camera
Bad Boy Willie Taggart cheesing for the camera

No secret here. I shook my head when I heard the Seminoles were hiring a coach that just went 7-5 at Oregon. Florida State is a top-tier program and simply deserved better. I don’t know that things improve in Tallahassee in years to come, but I will say this:

As a whole, the ACC is awful. I’m not sold that Clemson is even THAT good. So, let there be no debate at the end of the year, the best conference in college football is the SEC. Hasn’t changed, wont change. Don’t fight it, embrace it!


3.) Jeremy Pruitt – Tennessee

Cornbread Eating, Underachieving Pruitt walking team to Death Arena
Cornbread Eating, Underachieving Pruitt walking team to Death Arena

Tennessee is on par to go 5-7 on the year with maybe one conference win. The Vols squandered away a two-possession lead last night in Columbia, SC with a 27-24 loss to the Gamecocks.

I, along with many other Vol supporters, are starting to question this hire. He made a poor coaching decision last night in going for it on 4th & 7 at midfield, which eventually resulted in a turnover on downs and the game winning field goal for South Carolina.

I think Pruitt is capable of being another Butch Jones. 8-4 or 9-3 TOPS.

That’s it. Those are the three coaches who are going to make noise in the world of College Football for years to come. No more is to be said. You’re listening to the Almighty Truther. Want to hold my words accountable?

I have your #CFP FINALISTS:


1.) Alabama

2.) Clemson

3.) Notre Dame

4.) Michigan

Heisman? Tua.



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