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The Return: Monday Mailrun

For those that didn’t follow the old website, you weren’t aware of the Monday Mailrun. Every Monday, I answer all questions and respond to comments that you send in to me. Rant about your team, ask life advice, take shots at me, whatever you want to get off of your chest. You have the right to remain anonymous, or you can reveal your identity. The choice is 100% all yours.

No idea who most of you are on this Monday, but man I love you. Keep them coming! Just click the Monday Mailrun tab on the menu and send in your thoughts/comments for next week!


“I laugh every time i see your ugly fucking face you goofy dweeb. You think your something your not and every one hates you and you don’t know SHIT about sports”

– wvmania18@yahoo.com

I am who I am. I’m not better than anybody and I don’t act like it. I’m mostly disappointed that your perception of me is so, so inaccurate. Reveal yourself, let’s grab a beer and allow me to show you that I’m actually a really cool, smart guy. Also a very attractive guy. Don’t know where you got the word “ugly”. I’m a solid 9.8/10. Hair is out of this world. A smile that would melt the devils heart. Jaw line that could cut straight through steel. Bad take, “wvmania18”.


“Why did you stop putting out the podcast? Best 30 minutes of my day and now you quit. Hope you are okay.”

– robphil@gmail.com

One day a week now, Rob. Friday’s at 4:30pm (est). Three days a week was becoming very challenging for me. Friday’s work best for me. Life is happening. It’s all happening. Glad that you love the show. I am well, hope the same for you!


“How do you gamble and give out all of these picks if you don’t have a real job?”


I started with $1,000. That’s it. All I had to my name a year and a half ago. Created an account on BetOnline.ag and deposited $100 into my account to gamble with, and it has been sitting pretty ever since. You invest in the right things, you save it all, you save it all, and you save it all. Live like you are the poorest person on the planet. Don’t make stupid financial decisions. Always watch the numbers. Also have been blessed with an incredible family that is not hesitant to lend a hand when I need it. I wouldn’t gamble if I was bad at it, and it’s not gambling if your life’s not on the line. Remember that!


“You are a piece of shit and I am ready to expose you to your “FOLLOWERS” on you accounts that you run. I’ve got so much dirt on you that I could ruin your world you bastard. I know the real you. Loser ass momma boy.” 


I didn’t expect so many direct, personal jabs in this PTC Monday Mailrun debut. I am appalled. Whatever I have done to you, “fuckchadwyrick”, I apologize. You damn stranger. Put a name behind it. I allow anonymity, but sometimes in life you have to put your name on things, y’know? Especially when saying you could “ruin my world”. Coward ass. Like I mentioned before: Reveal. Drink a beer. Get to know. Clear the smoke.


“Does Georgia have a shot to beat Alabama? And how far would Bama fall in the rankings if they lost to them in the SEC championship? Probably not gonna happen but just curious”

– clintmuncyuc@yahoo.com

Thanks for sending in a good question. Georgia certainly has a shot, but like you mentioned, it’s not highly likely. I would say they would drop to the fourth spot if they did lose to Georgia. You can’t tell me, even if they lost, that they’re not one of the best four teams in College Football. That’s insanity. Alabama is the most complete team we have seen in College Football for a long time. The best quarterback Alabama has ever had, companied with the best talent/depth Alabama has ever had. It truly is a juggernaut. If UGA/Bama played tomorrow on a neutral field, I would say Vegas has Alabama a 14.5 point favorite. They’re just phenomenal. If Tua’s knee holds up, just forget it. Life is pretty damn good if you’re an Alabama fan. Alabama 35 UGA 23 FINAL. 


“You talk shit about WVU like they didn’t beat Tennessee’s ass. They suck and your “show” is a joke. I use to like you too. Your a dickhead now.”


I don’t talk shit about WVU. I’m certainly not a fan of their athletic programs, but I do tell the truth about them. They are mediocre/average. Not a team that’s going to win anything significant and they never have. Why would it change now? Because of one steroid-using juice head that’s older than I am? Ceilings exist. 9 wins is the ceiling at WVU when it’s a GOOD year. Skylar Howard won 10 regular season football games, something Will Grier didn’t accomplish. The preseason hype has your heart breaking as you read this, and that sits well with me. You bought into the hype, I didn’t. #ISaidIt


“When are you just gonna give up on this bullshit that you do? You failed as an athlete so now you just trash talk teams that didn’t want you? You predict things and when they come true you try to act like you are a genius. Pathetic”



Sorry to inform you mate, but I’m just getting started. No end in sight. The talent that I have as a sports content creator and the voice of an angel mixed with the late Keith Jackson, I would be a total fool to give up. 4th And Truth will one day be something you would have never imagined possible. I promise you. If I am wrong, I will eat my words. Also, what is it with the obsession on my athletic career? I think I know who you are, too. Big fat fuck. I think you are a total pussy for talking about it like it’s actually significant. I didn’t pan out in college, big deal? I had numerous opportunities to make it work and I failed in that regard, but I still am a great athlete. Would smoke you on 18. Facts, pussy.


“Hey man I know people give you hell all of the time on social media but I personally think you’re hilarious. I’m a Georgia fan but watching you go live and talk shit to people just cracks me up. Just please don’t trash my Dawgs!!!”

– BradleyT94@yahoo.com

Thanks, man. I try to be funny, but it obviously triggers some people. I’m cool with it, though. If my opinions on sports are so great to the point it alters your mood, you may have a psychological issue. It’s sports. Don’t take sports THAT seriously. Also, I can’t trash the Dawgs. They’re still alive for a playoff spot if they can do the unthinkable. Pulling for them.

You guys are great. I love the trash talk. I love the triggeredness. It’s a good laugh for a Monday. Please send in more intelligent questions next week, though. The jabs are funny to an extent, but I need to educate more of you on the truth about sports. That’s what I want the Mailrun to be all about, but like I said, you can tee off on The Almighty Truther if you so wish to do so. See ya next Monday! IT’S BACK!


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