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Monday Mailrun

We went 4-2 on Pick Six last week. Never betting on another Tennessee football game as long as I live. Stay away from them and we’re 5-1 every week. Just spectacular gambling!

The coaching carousel is spinning, as North Carolina just hired Mack Brown. Western Kentucky hired Vols offensive coordinator Tyson Helton. Texas Tech job remains open as well as Louisville and Colorado. Hearing from very trustworthy sources that Hugh Freeze is about to become the new offensive coordinator at Tennessee. It’s spinning. You hear me? It’s spinning. Best time of the year.

Last week, you guys sent in some jabs and that was all cool and fun. This week, more intelligent questions were asked. Great stuff.


“Tennessee is so bad and we just lost our offensive coordinator. Theres no stability at all with that program and its painful to be a fan for over 50 years and not see any progress at all. I agree with your tweet that they are no better than they were a year ago.”



Tennessee is no better than they were a year ago, despite beating two ranked SEC opponents. The losses to Florida and Vanderbilt showed a lot about this team. They just don’t have an identity yet. No effort. Not responding well to Pruitt. Three years in a row that they’ve lost to Vanderbilt. The Vols are currently digging themselves out of rock bottom. That’s simply the reality of this. Tyson Helton leaving isn’t a bad thing, either. His offensive style was just way too outdated and old school. Hearing from very reputable sources that Phillip Fulmer is fighting tooth and nail with the SEC to get Hugh Freeze to Knoxville. Things may be looking up!


“Alright Chad. What chances do my DAWGS have against Bama?? Your the expert. If we lost a close one and then Clemson lost to Pitt and Ohio state lost to Northwestern, is there any way at all we sneak in?”



The Dawgs have opened as 13.5 point underdog against the Tide. I trust Vegas too much to tell you that I think Georgia wins this game. Now, Vegas isn’t always right, but they are hardly ever wrong. That’s a lot of points. I want UGA to win, because they are a very good football team, but I just can’t see it happening. Your only hope is to get Tua on the ground and bang up that knee of his and that is VERY possible. Every time that kid takes off running I can just imagine how angry Nick Saban is. Boiling on the inside is Saban when the Flyin’ Hawaiian takes off for the pylons. So, if I had to give you a percentage, I’d say 38.7% chance of taking down the almighty Crimson Tide. Also, there could be a scenario where they could sneak in if the cards fell in the right place. Unlikely, but possible. Regardless of the outcome, another fantastic season for the Georgia Bulldogs. 


“How come no prediction on the Oklahoma game you fucking loser? Didn’t want the Mountaineer fans airing your dirty laundry on twitter? Stick to sucky ass Tennessee and keep WVU out of your mouth you fucking air head.”



Oh great, it’s you again. I didn’t predict it because I honestly wasn’t sure that Oklahoma would win. I knew Iowa State and Oklahoma State was gonna beat your ass on the road, but Oklahoma had to come to Morgantown, West Virginia to play in the freezing cold at night on a Friday. Trust me, I was chowing down some leftover turkey and Michelob Ultra as Kyler Murray had a field day on that “defense” that you guys said was great after you beat a 5-7 Tennessee team. It was simply fantastic. I love being right and you can’t stand it. As far as the “dirty laundry” comment, you don’t have any, pal. If so, hit me with your best shot on Twitter. Just tag @4thAndTruth, the best college football follow on the net. Thanks.


“You think Dana Holgorsen would leave WVU for Colorado or Texas Tech? Or any other job that becomes open? I keep hearing rumors but its nothing more than that at this point.”



I don’t think he would leave for Texas Tech. I do think he would leave for Colorado if the price was right. Everybody has a number. It’s a business just like any other. Everyone wants to make the most money that they possibly can. Dana has done a wonderful job at WVU and it would hurt bad if he left. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, though. But if he did leave, how awesome would it be if my boy Lane Kiffin took over for the Mountaineers? Huh? Wouldn’t that be great? I would be a WVU fan if that happened. Not likely, though.


“There’s a fine line between being funny and disrespectful. Some of the stuff you post is not funny and it offends people and I don’t think you realize that. Grow up.”



What are you even talking about? What have I posted that is even remotely close to disrespectful? Yes, I talk smack about football teams but I never directly attack a person. My goodness you are sensitive. Me, grow up? How about you not take life so seriously. Gotta have a little fun in life. If I can make people laugh and entertain them like I usually do, it makes me happy. Kind of like what the late great Stan Lee said. I can’t remember word for word how he quoted it, but it was something like this: “If you have the ability to make people laugh and entertain them, do it.” That’s all I do. Have a great day, Sensitive Sally. 


“If you ever become famous from this shit that you do I will kill myself. No way you make it big but im just saying. Im jumping of a cliff if your corny ass ever becomes well known”



Have to be honest here. Pretty clever fake email address, man. Yousuck.nuts. Made me laugh. Well, I think you can already consider me a D-list celebrity. My content has been featured on massive networks and newspapers. SEC Network, 247Sports, Barstool Sports, SB Nation, etc. Just too many to name. Sports Illustrated is another one. That’s all me. A one man team, doing all of that by himself. I’m one talented cat. I’d say I’m more famous in Knoxville, Tennessee than I am in my own hometown. I say that with 100% total conviction. I’m a B-lister in Knox County. Knoxville loves and hates The Almighty Truther. Hope you don’t really jump off of a cliff when I become an A-lister nationally, because I promise you it’s going to happen. 23 years old and I have accomplished this all by myself in under two years? Imagine when I decide to start paying writers to produce content on my website, purchase merchandise to spread the brand, etc. Not trying to brag, I’m just saying. I’ve surprised myself. 


“We already know whose going to win the title in college football. Who you got in the NFL?”



You can make an argument for a few teams. Pittsburgh is really good and lost in a fluke game yesterday. New Orleans and Los Angeles Rams are my favorites. Even the Chargers are playing very well. Hard to count out New England. They’ll have a cake walk to the AFC Championship game. Also can’t forget Kansas City. One of those teams are going to win it all. Also, the NFL has actually been very entertaining this year. They did away with the constant coverage of the protesting of the National Anthem and I believe it’s worked wonders for the league. Nobody cared about that pathetic protest the entire time, the media just kept throwing it in your face and it was always the headline. Games have been great, coverage has been great. Still not better than College Football, though. I’ll go with New Orleans to win the Super Bowl.


Better Mailrun this week, guys. More questions and comments than unnecessary jabs. What I want this to be like. Didn’t even include some of the mail that was sent because it was so silly and had no business being featured on this beautiful Monday. Go ahead and send in your mail for next Monday! Just simply click the menu tab, scroll down to Monday Mailrun, click and send. Super simple. See ya next Monday!




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