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I owe Tennessee fans an apology

Dear Vol fans,

As I awoke from a deep sleep early this Friday morning, I woke up to over 200+ notifications on Twitter dot com. Vol Twitter, the angry mob they are, bombarded me and roasted me like a Thanksgiving turkey. As a man who created a show called 4th And Truth, I told a lie. That’s on me. I was told the very day that Tyson Helton took the WKU job, that the number one candidate was Hugh Freeze. I was correct on that. I was also told that Jeremy Pruitt had interviewed Freeze and I was correct on that. The only bit of information that I received that ended up being incorrect, was that Hugh Freeze and Tennessee had reached an agreement. I trust that source with everything revolving around Tennessee football. A deal had been discussed, but Phillip Fulmer and administrators blocked the hire. That’s all I can tell you.

Dear Vol fans, I ask this of you:

I ask that you recalibrate and refocus your anger and disappointment at those responsible for this unfortunate outcome. Phillip Fulmer and the University of Tennessee are responsible for this. The same Phillip Fulmer who ran off the great Johnny Majors (still haven’t forgiven him for that). They had their chance and they simply waited too long. Part of me didn’t even want to share that information with Twitter because I knew deep down that it’s “not the Tennessee way”. Tennessee has failed over and over again when trying to make a splash hire. This is something I believe we can all agree on. Last year, the Vols had Mike Leach in the bag and then Fulmer jumped in and literally set the program back another ten years. Mike Leach would’ve been a massive splash hire. In a conference that prides itself on great defense, the Vols had an offensive mastermind ready to come to Knoxville. I still am trying to understand this fascination and obsession with current Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt. The defense wasn’t any better, nor was the offense. That football team was literally no better than they were the previous year. I’ve seen no progression and neither have you. I don’t know if Pruitt is the right guy, but I know those players struggled adjusting to his style of coaching. I hope for the sake of Vol Nation, that this Tennessee football program can get back to what they once were.

The coaching search has now led to Houston offensive coordinator Kendal Briles. Now, let me just say this. I understand that he was apart of that staff at Baylor that was responsible for the second biggest scandal in college football history. I remember Vol Twitter lashing out and rebelling against the hire of Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano for his involvement as a staff member at Penn State during that scandal. If the Vols hire Kendal Briles, do we see that same reaction? Briles is a great offensive coordinator, but comes with more baggage than Schiano or even Freeze would’ve brought. That’s 100% the truth. I, personally, would be fine with hiring Kendal Briles. If your talent outweighs your issues, you need to be employed. Tennessee needs to win and they need to win right now. Whatever coach gives you the best chance at winning right now, they need to be hired. As the clock keeps ticking, the Vols keep running out of time and options. 

As a result of my sharing of false information, I am now being sentenced to 1 year in Twitter Prison. No tweets, live shows or RT’s for a full calendar year. See you next year, Vol Nation. 


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